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Focus Points

Our department is specialised in the treatment of injuries to the musculoskeletal system, such as bone fractures, joint problems and tendon / ligature / meniscus injuries in particular.

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Our Philosophy

The doctors and their practice team go to great lengths and bring in their heart and expertise to ensure that you feel well and comfortable as a patient. Due to high personal commitment and good time management, we are available to you in urgent cases almost anytime on 7 days a week at our outpatient emergency department.

As a practice for trauma surgery, orthopaedics and sports medicine, we are your contact in case of any injuries and disorders of the musculoskeletal system. It is our goal to determine the cause for your complaints by means of a personal talk, thorough examination and diagnostics with imaging systems, in order to be able to advise you as best as possible with regard to treatment.
Benefits and risks of possible treatments and operations are described and discussed in order to select the optimal strategy for your individual case together with you. We rely on procedures exclusively which have been extensively proved with regard to efficiency and safety.

Thanks to our education and constant training, we are always up to date regarding the latest medical developments. As far as possible, conservative, i.e. non-surgical, therapies are applied.
Our integrated outpatient emergency department ensures availability for urgent cases almost anytime (8-20 hours). Even at the weekend (10-15 hours), a modern x-ray unit and a MRI system are available for joint examinations. In case of emergency, a team of surgeons is provided in a very short time. The practice is licensed for the treatment of accidents at school and at work as well as for the treatment of patients with statutory health insurance.

Our team cares for the Hockey Team of the Adler Mannheim, six-time winner of the German Ice Hockey Championship. We have been Team physicians of the German handball league team ‘Rhein-Neckar-Löwen’ 2008-2013.

We act to your benefit. Please contact us – we are readily at your disposal.

Your doctors and their practice team
Klonz & Volk & Thier


ACL Surgery for Sam Rainger

The team captain of Germany’s 7s Rugbyteam Sam Rainger underwent ACL replacement by Dr. Andreas Klonz.


Neues ‘offenes’ MRT in der Praxis

‘Die Zukunft kann man nicht mit alter Technik gestalten’. Nach diesem Motto haben wir unseren E-Scan gegen den neuen und hochmodernen O-Scan der Firma Esaote ausgetauscht. Von der neuen Bildqualität sind wir begeistert. Das Gerät wurde speziell für die Untersuchung von Gelenken konzipiert. Deshalb muss auch nicht mehr der ganze Körper ‘in die Röhre’, sondern nur das zu untersuchene Gelenk. Auch der ohrenbetäubende Lärm der Großgeräte entfällt. Leider wird die Untersuchung von den gesetzlichen Krankenkassen nur in radiologischen Abteilungen bezahlt, so dass zzt. nur Privatpatienten oder Selbstzahler in den Genuss der Untersuchung in diesem offenen MRT kommen können. Das MRT steht auch am Wochenende für dringliche Untersuchungen, z.B. nach Sportverletzungen zur Verfügung.


Cartilage repair

You will find detailed information regarding cartilage repair



Information zur Patellaluxation und zur MPFL Plastik

In unserer Rubrik ‘Schwerpunkte’ haben wir ausführliche und aktuelle Informationen zur Patellaluxation, zur Operation der Patellainstabilität und zur Nachbehandlung nach OP mit sog. MPFL Plastik zur Verfügung gestellt.

(Abb. mit freundl. Genehmigung der Fa. Karl Storz)

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More Info about Shoulder Dislocation

In our section ‘range of services’ we present more Information about shoulder dislocation, shoulder instability, labrum and SLAP lesions.

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3 ruptures of the distal biceps tendon in german rugby league

3 players of the german rugby league suffered from a distal biceps tendon rupture in 2013. All of them underwent surgery by Dr. Andreas Klonz and all are back to their team.

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More Information about ACL Surgery

In our section ‘Range of Services’ you will find more information about ACL Rupture and treatment with lots of pictures. We beg your pardon, we did not translate all into English up to now.


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02.09.14 | Team at Heidelberg Triathlon

22.03.14 | Dr. Volk cares for Adler Mannheim hockey team during Playoffs 2015

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